AbilynRacing.com is live!

Abilyn Racing logo

Hello all.  I am very proud to announce the launch of AbilynRacing.com.  

For those who don't know us (which includes basically everybody except family and friends), we are an amateur sailing team based in Larchmont, NY, focused on short-handed distance racing.  Our two sailors--me and Sam Cox--have demanding day jobs in New York City.  But we are trying to think big.  We want to break free of the daily grind and explore, dream, and discover.  Our first pursuit:  sailing in the 2015 Bermuda 1-2, a grueling race across nearly 1,300 miles of open ocean.  The race begins with me navigating the 21-foot Abilyn, a Mini Transat 6.50, 635 miles across the North Atlantic from Newport, RI to Bermuda, by myself (but with the assistance of an awesome shore team), followed by a double-handed race back to Newport with Sam as co-skipper.  

Check out what we're all about here.  Then check out The Team, The Boat, and the rest of AbilynRacing.com.    

Our quest begins now.  Thank you for sharing this adventure with us.  We hope to share some cool stuff with you along the way.