I was exposed to J Boats from the moment I began sailing on the western Long Island Sound and New York Harbor in 2006.  I learned to sail in the J/24, sailed my first North American championships in a J/105, delivered a J/160 to Maine, and almost bought the cherriest of J/109s in 2016.  When it came time to buying my first "big" boat, although I was attracted to the consistent performance of the Js and their resoundingly classic lines, I eschewed their ubiquity, opting instead for the 21-foot beast that is the Pogo 2--one of only a handful of Mini Transats actively sailed between Annapolis and Newport.

In deciding to move on from the Pogo 2, my brief was simple:  a fast boat that capable both on and off the race course--one that will deliver years of adventure with my family, but also deliver the type of solo and short-handed adventures to which I seem to be attracted despite my tendencies to hallucinate.  In thinking about how this brief would transfer to real-world endeavors, I thought about what I sought to accomplish on the water over the next few years

  • 2018:  Cruising the waters from NYC to Cuttyhunk, including Newport, Shelter Island, and Block Island.   Getting my almost 8-year-olds excited and comfortable about being on the water (away from the LYC pool), and get them to stand a night watch with me.  Racing in at least two "4-person" distance events, including the Vineyard Race and Around Long Island Regatta.  Racing in at least one solo event--either the New England Solo Twin or Offshore 160.
  • 2019:  The Bermuda 1-2.  Cruising.
  • 2020:  Advanced cruising (Maine and beyond).  Around Bermuda?

The J/120--in particular, hull #38--has the build quality, performance, and proven results to accommodate these goals, and more.  


Home - Larchmont, New York
Hull - #38 (ex-Eagle)
Year - 1996
Designer - Rod Johnstone
Builder - TPI Composites

LOA - 40 feet
Beam - 12 feet
Draft - 7 feet
Air Draft - 56.75 feet

Displacement - 13,900 lbs.
Ballast - 6,000 lbs.

Mainsail - 478.7 sq. ft.
155% Genoa - 587.3 sq. ft.
135% Genoa - 511.5 sq. ft.
100% Jib - 378.9 sq. ft.
Cruising Spinnaker - 1,835 sq. ft.
Racing Spinnaker - 1,705.6 sq. ft.

Displacement to length (D/L) ratio - 99.0

Notable Results - First, 2009 J/120 North American Championships; First (PHRF 1), 2016 NYYC Annual Regatta (PHRF 1)


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